Automated Investment Policies & Procedures

It's all About the Data and time for Policies to be Easily Documented

Visualize by or across the myriad of relationships and data incorporated into policies and procedures with full attestation work flow 

A New Solution for Managing Policy Complexity

Unlock How & Where the Data for a Policy Originates


Fund3Sixty is a cloud ready solution to help  Treasurers, Compliance and Risk officers understand how data is assembled and managed to meet internal reporting requirements for investment policies and procedures. 

It's ready to add your firm's data owners, sources, external parties, and key policy and procedure workflows as a repeatable solution powered by the proven Infogix Data3SixtyTM Governance platform used globally by Money Managers and Banks. 

Powerful and always up-to-date for regulators and auditors


Fund3Sixty provides Investment Managers and Asset Owners with an easy-to-use solution for the creation and maintenance of investment policies and procedures.  Based upon the proven Data3Sixty Data Governance platform, Fund3Sixty provides added insights with workflow as to: 

  • Which group or individual owns a policy 
  • What was changed
  • When it was last modified
  • What are the data sources and calculations that are part of the policy
  • Determine if proper periodic attestations have been done
  • Historical as-of and as-at views 

Fund3Sixty also provides the ability to tag important compliance controls embedded in a policy or procedure such as concentration tests, restricted securities, etc. that may be used as the source for your risk and compliance engines.

It is time to move beyond spreadsheets and word


After reviewing the new regulations we realized that a spreadsheet based solution just cannot document the hundreds of data attributes that now must be managed and reported. 

Fund3Sixty offers a new improved way  to help firms meet their fiduciary requirements and cost effectively document and manage a complex monthly reporting cycle. 

As we assist you in the capture of the myriad of relationships necessary to support Risk and Compliance policy documentation in the wake of new SEC Report Modernization required monthly reporting at the portfolio and holding level, we create a living up-to-date time series of your firm's unique data profile.   

Improve Your Risk and Compliance Capabilities


Ready to Add Your Firm's Information

For prudent oversight of policies and procedures, we start with regulatory support inclusive of the actual SEC XLST template in a data glossary which we then embellish with your Data Sources, Owners, Roles & Responsibilities and Workflow.  Easily see the owner of Do Not Disclose securities which have been designated to be a form N-Port Part C Miscellaneous security by an Investment or Liquidity Committee and provide a link to the actual policy stored on Sharepoint or other document store. 


A Solution with Service

We provide fixed cost assistance with the collection and loading of your firm's information to enable you to quickly leverage Fund3Sixty's unique capabilities for keeping your policy and procedures up-to-date in a comprehensive monthly regulatory submission cycle. After you are live you can maintain Fund3Sixty or we can do it for you. It's your choice.


Gain Insight

Once your firm's information is entered or bulk loaded into Fund3Sixty it is easy to see key relationships right down to the filing requirement.  More powerful is the ability to go across funds and see custody, lending agent, counter-party, technology and owners of data.

Automate and record both policy and regulatory sign-offs via the provided workflow capabilities and Fund3Sixty's dashboard capabilities.

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We will respond promptly and look forward to share our capabilities and discuss your requirements.  Alternatively you can reach us via e-mail, or phone.

About Us

We're Technologists who Understand Business

We wanted to create a solution to enhance Policies Risk and Compliance in a new age of monthly detailed regulatory filings.  Our staff includes fund savvy CPAs, Performance Analysts and Technology executives who have run fund technology units.

Powered by Infogix Data3Sixty's Governance Platform

Fund3Sixty is an authorized Infogix Data3Sixty Affliate Services provider.

Infogix Data3SixtyTM is used globally as the data governance platform of choice by investment managers. Our two firms found the platform uniquely suited for support of SEC Report Modernization and Liquidity Reporting and decided it was time to offer a full featured fit-for-purpose documentation solution leveraging a proven data governance platform for the industry. 

About Infogix

Partner With Us


Our business model is different

We truly believe in a partner ecosystem that can provide value to our clients.  By leveraging the latest technology and Microsoft Azure cloud we are able to offer a comprehensive solution that is quick to initialize and fairly priced to ensure adoption.


We look to empower our consulting partners with a branded or private labeled solution that allows your firm to have a recurring source of revenue.  If your firm caters to the Mutual Fund Industry we'd love to talk to you.  In Canada we are happy to announce that Bridge Consulting is our first consultant partner. 

Software Firms

We are happy to already have an SEC filing and portfolio/liquidity risk partnership with Vega Investment Technologies and FINCAD.  We look to work with you to extend our capabilities in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Fund Service Providers

Fund3Sixty will provide a private labeled solution to enhance your offerings as a value added funds administrator or servicing organization.